Bull BBQ - Black Fire Glass
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Black Fire Glass

25 Lb. Bag of Black Fire Glass

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Black Fire Glass

25 Lb. Bag of Black Fire Glass


Bull BBQ

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  • 25 Lb. Bag
  • 1/4" - 1/2" Glass Size




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While this glass may be black as night, a Bull BBQ fire pit filled with these 1/4”- 1/2” fire glass pebbles will absolutely warm your heart. The Black Fire Glass provides a striking contrast to lighter colored fire pit walls or mix and match glasses; try our Chestnut Fire Glass for an interesting blend of warm colors and textures. Given the ultra-versatile nature of the Black Fire Glass, this 25 lb. bag will perfectly accent any décor and will withstand any amount of redecorating and remodeling. On top of the benefit of versatility, here's a little bit of insider information- if your fire pit runs on liquid propane, soot and residue build up over time and will dull and distort the color of your glass, but this deep black disguises dirt so your fire pit stays in pristine-looking condition! If you want the style and longevity of a quality product, the Black Fire Glass will not disappoint!
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