Bull BBQ - Turquoise Fire Glass
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Turquoise Fire Glass

25 Lb. Bag of Turquoise Fire Glass

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Turquoise Fire Glass

25 Lb. Bag of Turquoise Fire Glass


Bull BBQ

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  • 25 Lb. Bag
  • 1/4" - 1/2" Glass Size




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Do you ever find yourself in a frenzy as you're trying to complete every component of your grilled masterpiece at once so that every part is fresh? With Bull BBQ's Warming Drawer, this will never be a problem again! With variable heat settings and moisture vent control to regulate the conditions in which your meal is being kept, the Warming Drawer benefits the chef with the flexibility of using his grill for multiple dishes without compromising freshness and taste. As always, Bull BBQ Depot is completely committed to quality- this warming station is comprised of 304 grade, 16 gauge stainless steel to ensure that is is a long lasting addition to your dream barbecue station. Ready-to-ship, it can be yours in time for your next big gathering! Don't miss out on the benefits that adding a warming drawer to your outdoor kitchen holds, you won't remember how you got along without one!
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